Fulfilling Passion

“What is my purpose?”

My pen is poised,

Surrounded by noise,

And I grapple with the question.

Each of us reflects

Discerning duty from longing

As we go through the actions of our lives.

Should we do what we love

Or do what we ought?

Passion rises

Like the roaring of lions

The desire inside nags at my mind

And I know

I must do something.

Can my purpose endure if I go with the flow?

Can passion persist in my own life’s shadow?

Just as a stream opposes the salmon

So too, my surroundings oppose my direction.

There’s a pelting rain of pressure to do as they say

But I see the light of contentment when I follow God’s way.

What if I tell my weary soul

That it really is God’s to control

I refuse to give someone else the pen

And I refuse to write what they wish

Light will infuse my story

Gleam from the pages like a rising sun

A unique beauty

Will attract those who see it

The pen will dance upon the pages,

Stroke what it pleases,

In freedom

And in joy.

Written by: Melody Lim for a class blog assignment. 2021.




High School English Teacher-Class Assignments

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Petra Mitchell

Petra Mitchell

High School English Teacher-Class Assignments

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