Date For A Reason

I think closer friends are amazing, but not when they become the center of your life and the only people you hang out with. So many factors go into getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, for society has created them all. When I talk about relationships, I’m focusing on the health and love levels of them. If they make you feel good versus if they make you feel out of place. You do not want the reason for a relationship to be just you wanting to be like everyone else. What everyone sees as the norm, it really isn’t real or even necessary.

A Societal Analysis

Dating culture has grown significantly, especially with younger ages. As I’m browsing the web, I come across questions like, “Can a 12 year old start dating?” or “Should I let my 11 year old date?” These cause me to shake my head. Not that I am in no way against dating, but at such a young age, the fact that kids feel the need to worry me.

Some specific examples of why dating early is harmful are; that middle school relationships never end well, you ruin friendships over it, and they take all of your focus away from things that are important parts of growing up.

Dating Standards

It’s not hard to see how dating and relationships have changed over time — simply ask your grandma when everyone started seriously dating. Today, the tables have shifted. We all have that friend that just can’t be single, which is part of the problems that have evolved. Your best friend is starting to get closer with a guy or girl and now you are scrambling to get one too so you won’t be “alone”. All these things add up and all of a sudden people aren’t dating for, simply, the other person’s qualities anymore.

In all honesty, we all want a love like Chip and Joanna from Fixer Upper, or Danny and Sandy from Grease. But these are all under acting, scripts, filters, sets, and purposely shown only in good ways or ways to create drama which is then resolved. And then the ideal is that you guys never have big arguments, you hang out a lot, go out together, buy each other presents, have certain levels of intimacy, and always want to be with each other.

What’s Your Take?

When you think back to your last relationship, how did it end? Was it good while it lasted? Or was it just something you did because the culture around you was telling you to do it? Personally, I adore this question, “If you were given the choice to go back, would you meet them again or would you not?” I think from my own experiences that I would go back. I would do it all over again. Not only to fix my mistakes, but because I have gained so much more knowledge just from growing up. Just know that before jumping into a trend as simple as something like sports or fashion, make sure you like it and that it is bettering you both as people.

Written by: Scarlett Colino for a class blog assignment. 2021.

High School English Teacher-Class Assignments

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Petra Mitchell

Petra Mitchell

High School English Teacher-Class Assignments

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